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CHAMELEON Star curtain

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CHAMELEON is a star curtain which uses state-of-the-art LED technology and can play various light effects.

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CHAMELEON distinguishes itself with a high, dimmable light output and has a density of ca. 5.7 high performance LEDS per m². The colours are freely selectable (RGB).
The LED curtain is perfect for both tents and halls. CHAMELEON can be flexibly used as a curtain, starry sky or wall and ceiling cover. Even large areas can be quickly covered with the 5m x 5.3m curtains. Multiple curtains can be easily connected with each other thanks to a Velcro strip around the entire circumference.

An external DMX signal allows the control of individual channels or pre-programmed patterns. The stand-alone operation takes place using a controller and comes without an external lighting console. An LC display and function buttons on the controller allow an easy configuration.

The front side of CHAMELEON is made from Molton CS and the rear side is made from CS Taft. Both materials are flame resistant as per DIN 4102 B1 and the French standard M1. Unbreakable, reusable plug connectors

General informations:

• High, dimmable light output
• Standard LED density: ca. 5.7 RGB LEDs per m²
• Variable combination options of the curtains (5m x 5.3m)
• Minimum maintenance efforts thanks to push & pull LED´s
• Easy operation with LC display and function buttons; stand-alone operation without external lighting console
• 0.4 watt high performance LEDs/ca. 200 watts per curtain
• External DMX signal allows the control of individual channels or pre-programmed patterns
• Coloured LEDs, the colours are freely selectable (RGB)
• Standard format: Front side made of Molton CS, rear side made of CS Taft, both materials are flame resistant as per DIN 4102 B1
• Low transport volume
• Quick and easy installation
• Short-circuit protected
• Light weight: 550 g/m²



Size A
CHAMELEON 5.00 m x 5.30 m 15 kg


Additional information

Rental or purchase decision

Buy, Rent

Application area

Ceiling, Indoor, Wall

Assembly time

40 min – 60 min, Assembly personnel recommended


not printable

Event focus

Fair, Lounge atmosphere, Open Air, Stage design, Theme decoration

Lighting filter

Illuminable with electricity


hms easy stretch

Material composition

LED, Other textiles

Product family

LED effect curtains



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