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VARIOWAVE Useable for standing or liying. Also with rear wall available

135,00 3.019,00 

VARIOWAVE is very versatile for use as an entry element, tunnel or area partition. Due to their design, they can also be connected to each other modularly creating a tunnel construction of any depth. Due to its double-sided cover, VARIOWAVE can even be used lying on the side as an arched partition.

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SKU: hst8


NEW: Fitted with a rear wall, this can also be used as a mobile exhibition stand.

  • Available in two sizes and depths
  • Ideal for lounge, entrance and meeting areas
  • Elements can be screwed together in any way
  • Individual fabric pieces can be combined in any way on the inside or outside





Size A Size B Size C Size D Weight
VARIOWAVE A1 4.00 m 2.75 m 1.00 m 3.00 m 35.00 kg
VARIOWAVE A2 4.00 m 2.75 m 2.00 m 3.00 m 46.00 kg
VARIOWAVE B1 5.60 m 3.20 m 1.00 m 4.50 m 41.00 kg
VARIOWAVE B2 5.60 m 3.20 m 2.00 m 4.50 m 54.00 kg
VARIOWAVE CIRCLE A2 reclining /standing 5.60 m 3.20 m 2.00 m 4.50 m 54.00 kg
VARIOWAVE CIRCLE A2 reclining / standing 5.60 m 3.20 m 2.00 m 4.50 m 54.00 kg



Additional information

Weight N/A
Rental or purchase decision

Buy, Rent


VARIOWAVE A1 (H 2,75 m x B 4,00 m x T 1,00 m), VARIOWAVE A2 (H 2,75 m x B 4,00 m x T 2,00 m), VARIOWAVE B1 (H 3,20 m x B 5,60 m x T 1,00 m), VARIOWAVE B2 (H 3,20 m x B 5,60 m x T 2,00 m), VARIOWAVE CIRCLE A1 (H 2,65 m x B 3,15 m x T 1,00m), VARIOWAVE CIRCLE A2 (H 2,65 m x B 2,65 m x T 2,00 m)


110 white, 120 creame, 210 red, 220 orange, 230 yellow, 240 pink, 250 bordeaux, 320 blue, 330 turquoise, 410 apple, 420 green, 510 black, 520 anthracite, 530 grey


innolution systems

Application area

Floor, Indoor

Product family

inno wall system



Assembly time

40 min – 60 min

Material composition

Aluminium, Stretch material

Event focus

Entrance areas, Fair, Lounge atmosphere, Receptions, Theme decoration



Lighting filter

Not illuminable

Rear wall

rear wall VARIOWAVE A, rear wall VARIOWAVE B

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