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RINGSTAR Classic star with five corners

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RINGSTAR possesses the classic shape of a pentagonal star. RINGSTAR obtains its three-dimensional appearance through the contour rod in the centre.
Assembly of the ceiling body is simple and fast.

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RINGSTAR can be obtained in sizes 2.00 m, 3.00 m and 4.00 m. The rental RINGSTAR product is available in white. All colours available when purchased.RINGSTAR has no integrated illumination, but can be illuminated from the outside.

General informations:

  • Simple assembly
  • Can be used vertically, horizontally or diagonally
  • Simple and aesthetic appearance



Size A Size B Weight
RINGSTAR A2 2.00 m 0.50 m 9.00 kg
RINGSTAR A3 3.00 m 0.75 m 14.00 kg
RINGSTAR A4 4.00 m 1.00 m 18.50 kg

Additional information

Weight N/A

110 white, 120 creame, 210 red, 220 orange, 230 yellow, 240 pink, 250 bordeaux, 320 blue, 410 apple, 420 green, 510 black, 520 anthracite, 530 grey, 610 bavarian pattern, 710 silver, 720 gold

Rental or purchase decision

Buy, Rent

Application area

Ceiling, Indoor

Assembly time

10 min – 20 min, Assembly personnel recommended


not printable

Event focus

Christmas decoration, Fair, Stage design, Theme decoration

Lighting filter

Not illuminable


hms easy stretch, innolution systems

Material composition

Aluminium, Stretch material

Product family

easy sculptures



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