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Projection- and Stage-sailLarge surface perfect for projections

80,00 2.250,00 

With their large areas, these decorative sails are ideal as a screen surface for films and presentation materials. They add a sense of style to event locations, company buildings, tents and tradeshow booths. Using side wall sails, signs of wear and tear on walls can be quickly and easily concealed or room partitions can be made.

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Thanks to their large surface, these decorative stretch sails are ideal as a projection surface for films and presentations. They are also great for creating stylish staging in event locations, company buildings, tents and exhibition stands. Moreover, BERLIN, BREMEN and HAMBURG sails are perfect for use as side-wall sails in tents.

General informations:

  • easy to care for material
  • washable, no ironing needed, heavy-duty
  • space-saving storage
  • usable as space design or as projection surface
  • can be used to separate spaces or make them smaller
  • can be used for front and rear projections
  • nearly unlimited combination options
  • supports themes or company images with wide colour assortment



Above a certain size, the stretch sails have seams within the area due to the material.


HAMBURG_Piktogramm_Bemaßung BERLIN_Piktogramm_Bemaßung BREMEN_Piktogramm_Bemaßung SYDNEY_Piktogramm_Bemaßung
Size A Size B Size C Weight
BERLIN 1 3.00 m 2.00 m 3.60 m 1.10 kg
BERLIN 2 5.00 m 2.80 m 5.70 m 1.90 kg
BERLIN 3 5.00 m 3.80 m 6.30 m 2.30 kg
BREMEN 7.50 m 3.80 m 8.40 m 4.80 kg
HAMBURG 7.50 m 7.00 m 10.20 m 5.50 kg
SYDNEY 1 9.00 m 6.50 m 4.50 m 5.70 kg
SYDNEY 2 13.00 m 10.00 m 6.50 m 14.20 kg


Additional information

Weight N/A

110 white, 120 creame, 210 red, 220 orange, 230 yellow, 240 pink, 250 bordeaux, 320 blue, 330 turquoise, 410 apple, 420 green, 510 black, 520 anthracite, 530 grey, 610 bavarian pattern, 710 silver, 720 gold

Rental or purchase decision

Buy, Rent

Application area

Ceiling, Indoor, Wall

Assembly time

20 min – 40 min, Assembly personnel recommended



Event focus

Entrance areas, Fair, Lounge atmosphere, Receptions, Stage design, Theme decoration

Lighting filter

Not illuminable


hms easy stretch

Material composition

Stretch material

Product family

easy sails



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