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PEAK Standing or suspended room sculpture

85,00 1.853,00 

PEAK is ideal usable as a ceiling illuminant or standing room sculpture.

Colour Chart User Manual PEAK A1 User Manual PEAK A 2 Manual Radio Remote Control CAD-Data Product Suspension


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The simple architecture of the object permits simple and fast assembly. Durch die optionale Beleuchtung kann PEAK mit beliebigen Farben und Programmen hinterleuchtet werden. PEAK can be back-lit with any colours and programs through optional illumination.

General informations:

  • Can be used as a standalone or suspended object
  • Optional LED illumination can be integrated
  • Low transport volume





Size A Size B Weight
PEAK A1 0.50 m 2.30 m 8.00 kg
PEAK A2 1.00 m 3.50 m 12.00 kg

Additional information

Weight N/A
Rental or purchase decision

Buy, Rent


PEAK A1 (Height 2.30 m), PEAK A2 (Height 3.50 m)


110 white, 120 creame, 210 red, 220 orange, 230 yellow, 240 pink, 250 bordeaux, 310 blue, 330 turquoise, 410 apple, 420 green, 510 black, 520 anthracite, 530 grey, 610 bavarian pattern, 710 silver, 720 gold


Illumination with LED AKKU SPOT


hms easy stretch, innolution systems

Product family

easy sculptures

Application area

Ceiling, Floor, Indoor



Assembly time

below 10 min

Material composition

Stretch material

Event focus

Entrance areas, Fair, Lounge atmosphere, Receptions, Stage design, Theme decoration



Lighting filter

Illuminable with battery and electricity

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