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DISK 3D Effectively 3D-element

85,00 5.334,00 

The decorative object DISK 3D is a ceiling element which contributes to a successful ambience with its elegant and timeless design.  The covering can also be used as a projection surface.

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DISK 3D is freeky placed in space and makes it statement solo or in groups. They are wonderful options for decorating large spaces.


You can optionally rent or purchase LED illumination for DISK 3D. State of the art LED technology ensures the programmability of individual lighting scenarios or the control of multiple lighting groups using a remote control.


DISK 3D can be printed individually. Printing with a company logo, advertising slogan or a photo is possible to provide a perfect corporate design.


If desired, our installation team can install and attach DISK 3D. We are happy to provide the required accessories if you would like to install it yourself.

Extras & Accessories

Attachment cable and carabiners for attachment to the decorative columns, ballasting weights weighing approximately 22 kg as ground attachment.


  • LED illumination can be integrated
  • Ideal for large spaces
  • With or without bottom available




Size A Size B Weight
DISK 3D A1 ca. 1.00 m 0.50 m 13.80 kg
DISK 3D A2 ca. 1.00 m 1.00 m 17.20 kg
DISK 3D B1 ca. 2.00 m 0.50 m 26.30 kg
DISK 3D B2 ca. 2.00 m 0.50 m 30.10 kg
DISK 3D C1 ca. 3.00 m 0.50 m 40.70 kg
DISK 3D C2 ca. 3.00 m 1.00 m 43.90 kg
DISK 3D D1 ca. 4.00 m 0.50 m 47.90 kg
DISK 3D D2 ca. 4.00 m 1.00 m 53.60 kg

Additional information

Weight 12 kg

110 white, 120 creame, 210 red, 220 orange, 230 yellow, 240 pink, 250 bordeaux, 320 blue, 330 turquoise, 410 apple, 420 green, 510 black, 520 anthracite, 530 grey, 710 silver, 720 gold

Rental or purchase decision

Buy, Rent

Application area

Ceiling, Indoor

Assembly time

20 min – 40 min, Assembly personnel recommended



Event focus

Fair, Theme decoration



Lighting filter

Illuminable with electricity


hms easy stretch, innolution systems

Material composition

Aluminium, Stretch material

Product family

easy sculptures


3D, Round

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