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Rather than short-lived trends, the Stoll company from Reutlingen stands for sustainability, forward-looking quality and highly functional technology.
It fits in with the company’s philosophy that the internationally successful brand focuses on sustainability with its partners: after doing so in 2012, hms easy stretch again realised the Stoll trade fair stand in Shanghai in June 2014 at the ITMA ASIA + CITME, the most important textile industry event in China. The stand design and all print data were supplied by the agency Khalil+Freunde. These designs were then transferred to the exhibition stand together with totems. The basic stand was again erected by the Chinese firm Beep.
The aim was to reuse some of the materials from 2012 to demonstrate that it still lives up to its clear sustainability standards and benchmarks.
A few modifications were made to the stand from 2012, while remaining eye catchers were the stripes, some of which displayed three-dimensional curves that stretched in a flowing form around and through the entire stand. To shift the focus onto the new CI colours, the prints were dyed in an elegant blue-grey shade. This time, the inside of the stripes did not display prints of the current Stoll collection but presented visitors with company information and the individual company divisions, along with the company’s exhibition motto: ‘Rock your world with Stoll’.


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